Knee Arthritis Treatment

Knee Arthritis Treatment

Treatment for knee arthritis focuses on relieving your pain and other symptoms and helping you function better. Ways to treat knee arthritis include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Other non-surgical treatments
  • Knee replacement surgery

The Best Way to Treat Knee Arthritis

Knee arthritis treatment at Shelbourne Knee Center focuses on what works best, based on our research.

Physical Therapy Just for Knee Arthritis

Our specialized knee arthritis physical therapy program helps most patients get back to living, working, and playing without knee replacement surgery.

In one study:

  • 76% of our patients didn’t need surgery after physical therapy.
  • Most patients had less pain and stiffness within 4-6 weeks of starting physical therapy.

Physical therapy for arthritis focuses on restoring your range of motion before strengthening your knee. Range of motion is your ability to straighten and bend your knee. Our knee arthritis physical therapy program has 2 parts:

A Personal Guide for Your Physical Therapy

From pre-op rehab through post-op rehab (if you have surgery), you’ll work with the same physical therapist. He or she will customize a research-based rehab program for you.

You’ll complete most of the therapy at home, with periodic visits to Shelbourne Knee Center, which has a fully equipped rehab gym.

Your physical therapist will guide you through the entire process, including:

A Better Result from Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery relieves your pain and helps you function better by replacing the damaged parts of the knee with implants.

If you need a knee replacement, pre-op physical therapy helps you do better and recover faster after surgery. Our research shows that having better range of motion and a stronger knee before surgery helps patients do better afterwards.

Our knee replacement process minimizes pain and swelling after surgery. We use special equipment and a specialized post-op physical therapy program to help you heal faster.

Learn more about knee replacement surgery at Shelbourne Knee Center.

Learn More About Our Treatments for Knee Arthritis

Physical Therapy and Other Non-Surgical Treatments.

Knee Replacement Surgery.

Physical Therapy After Surgery.

About help us improve care for other patients

Our current treatment of arthritis is based on our research. We’ve learned what works best by following patients after they finish their rehab.

If you choose Shelbourne Knee Center for your arthritis care, we hope that you will be part of our research so we can help other patients in the future.

You can do this by taking our annual survey and if you’ve had surgery, coming back for free follow-up visits at:

  • 2 years after your surgery
  • 5 years after your surgery
  • 10 years after your surgery
  • 15 years after your surgery