For Physicians + Other Medical Professionals

Working together with you is the best way to help your patients get off the sidelines and back to living, working, and playing.

Along with close collaboration with referring physicians and other medical professionals, The Shelbourne Knee Center’s proven treatments are based on:

  • 40+ years of research with 13,000+ patients.

Faster Healing and Better Long-Term Outcomes

By focusing only on knees, we’ve built extensive experience in treating ACL injuries, knee arthritis, and other knee injuries and conditions. Our treatment protocols help patients heal faster and with better long-term outcomes. For example,

  • Our return to sport rate after ACL reconstruction is 85-90%, compared to a 50–60% average for most orthopedic practices.
  • 76% of our patients didn’t need knee replacement surgery after completing physical therapy at Shelbourne Knee Center.

Read more about our ACL treatment philosophy.

Read more about our knee arthritis treatment philosophy.

Sharing Knowledge and Improving Lives

Our research program enables us to continually improve treatment for patients with knee injuries and conditions. We:

  • Track patient outcomes.
  • Study factors related to those outcomes.

We review research results regularly and update treatments based on what we’re learning.

Learn more about our research program

We share research results through international, national, and regional presentations and by publishing articles in medical journals.

Learn more about our research results and how we conduct our research.

Read our publications.

See a list of our presentations.

How to Refer a Patient to Shelbourne Knee Center

You can refer a patient to us by:

If you complete the form, we'll call your patient and set up an appointment. We use encryption to securely transmit the form to our office.

Follow up on your patient’s care

We’ll follow up with you on the care we provide—because our patient is your patient. And we appreciate your trust in our expertise to care for your patients’ knee injuries and conditions.